Construction Defect/Property Damage Claims

Shipwash Law Firm

“Committed to timely recognizing, investigating, and handling Construction Defect Claims.”

Shipwash Law Firm provides and aggressive and results oriented solution to construction defect claims. Our team of experts are ready to investigate defects or problems of the developer. We know the relationship between construction developers, community associations, general contractors, and subcontractors.

Construction Defect claims are subject to a limited time frame to bring such defect claims. The failure of the Association to timely exercise their from timely exercising their legal rights could result in the community bearing the entire financial responsibility for repairs that may have otherwise been the responsibility of the developer. In many instances, the defects are not obvious, but they are hidden, so it is important to timely investigate and seek the legal opinion of a team of professionals.

Shipwash Law Firm, P.A. is pleased to offer legal representation to large construction defect cases where damages exceed one million dollars on a fully contingentcy basis.

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